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Are you ready for transformation?

Leadership and Employee Engagement in the New and Era with Eleisha Stevens, Founder of InspireWorx,
partnered with Engage & Grow Global

as Eleisha shares the ever-increasing importance of Leadership and Employee Engagement and strategies to thrive and move your businessforward!

The way we work is evolving, leaders and employees and their companies are experiencing a change in the way they connect and grow. As a business owner, HR Director or as a Coach, you may be asking…

  • How has leadership changed in the new era and what do I need to know to help my business or the business I represent succeed?
  • How do I create a strong culture of people within my organization?
  • How do we innovate and perhaps redefine ourselves, our purpose as a company?
  • How can I effectively communicate with my employees and keep them connected during these unprecedented times?
  • How can I show I care about my employees?
  • How can I maximize the productivity of my employees and hold everyone accountable?

Join Eleisha, on this free Webinar as she will share how leading organizations are shifting and innovating or re-inventing themselves, while communicating and engaging their teams to DRIVE business growth!


Eleisha is a Senior Engagement Strategist with a passion for connecting people to their purpose and driving excellence in their work environment through personal development opportunities. Throughout Eleisha’s career she has worked with CEO’s and their leadership teams in the area of Human Resources, Marketing and Strategy, Sales, and Business Technology in both the private and public sector.

Inspired leaders and their employees are aligned to the values, behaviours and the goals of the organization as they are provided with the opportunity to be creative, collaborative and share in the overall success of the organization. These experiences have led her to her current position as Founder of Inspireworx, partnered with Engage and Grow Global.

InspireWorx and Engage & Grow helps companies improve employee engagement and bottom-line financial results by providing leaders and employees with proven educational team strategies that dramatically improve performance, operations, sales, leadership and culture within an organization resulting in engagement score improvements up to 313%. We help organizations re-focus, re-engage and re-energize their most important asset, their people!

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Richard Maloney is the founder and creator of Engage & Grow and Quality Mind, he is proudly leading the way as one of Australia’s most noted employee engagement and leadership experts and expanding around the world at a phenomenal pace.

He is passionate about helping people thrive, in all aspects of their lives and he has been focusing on helping businesses improve mental wellbeing, culture, engagement, and leadership and has recently been recognised as a finalist in the 2016, 2017 Australian Optus Business Awards as Business Leader of the Year and Export Business of the Year.

Engage & Grow enables people to come to work and really enjoy it, get more out of themselves personally and make the company exponentially better because no matter what industry you are in people are the most important asset to any organisation.


With his unique engagement and culture methodology, he had helped 40 sporting teams to grand finals and 32 going on to win premierships. He took a step back, studied the motivations of the brain, and through trial and error over the course
 of 9 years, he blended the development systems he had implemented in sport to business. From here Engage and Grow Global was born, achieving instant and overwhelmingly successful results in SME, corporate and government businesses around the world.

4 years ago, he went looking for other like-minded leaders to adopt his methodologies and help spread the overwhelming success of Engage and Grow to other businesses and individuals. Engage & Grow now have over 220 coaches, represented in over 80 countries, achieving outstanding success and immediate results every time.

Webinar – Engage & Grow

Leadership and Employee Engagement in the New Virtual Era